Belltech's new 4" to 6" 2016–2020 Toyota Tacoma 4WD coilover kit. Belltech's kit is easy to install and quickly transforms the Toyota Tacoma into a phenomenal multipurpose machine! The 15306 coilover kit is made to update and lift the front end of the Toyota Tacoma in conjunction with an existing lift of 4" to 6". With extra height, new, larger tires and wheels can be utilized. Belltech's coilovers make even the most demanding trails feel smooth, with preset damping that is custom-tuned for each specific vehicle. These Trail performance coilovers feature a large, 60mm body, a 20mm hardened chrome piston rod, and 35mm independent valves. All of which work together to keep oil cool for consistent damping that does not fade while in motion. To achieve an adjustable lift, Belltech uses a Trail Performance threaded damper. The spring perch can be moved along the threads into the perfect placement, and once it is set, it will not move or adjust on its own. Because the spring's placement can be customized, Belltech engineers were sure to add a progressive rate polymer, open-cell, bump stop, and packers, so the bump stop's engagement is ideal for each height option. This finely tuned technology adds to the even-feeling ride and prevents bottoming out when driving on imperfect roads or rolling over speed bumps. The high tensile steel springs are brightly powder-coated, so they are eye-catching, long-lasting, and safe from rocks and debris. Another unique design feature these coilovers possess is their Coilover Spring Shim. The shims correct the angle of the top mount to keep the spring in line with the coilover housing to prevent rubbing.


  • Increases clearance
  • Allows room for larger tires/wheels
  • Enhances drive-quality
  • Height adjustable 4" to 6"
  • Perfected and preset damping forces
  • Progressive rate polymer, open-cell, bump stop
  • Packers to perfect bump stop engagement
  • High tensile steel springs, powder-coated for longevity
  • Easy installation
  • Trail Performance dampers
  • 60mm damper body
  • 20mm hardened chrome piston rod
  • 35mm independent valves
  • High-quality materials
  • Coilover spring shim prevents rubbing

Applications: 2016–2020 Toyota Tacoma 4WD (Exl. TRD Pro)

Part Number:

15306, Belltech 16-20 Toyota Tacoma 4WD 4in-6in Trail Performance Coilover Lift Kit


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